Gardening tips: plant flowering currant

Flowering currant.

 Flowering currant. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Plant this The flowering currant’s sprays of dark pink flowers (Ribes sanguineum) may be enlivening gardens across the land, but is it fashionable? No. Some people object to its musty smell – earning it the unhappy moniker “cat-pee plant” – but, for me, it’s the scent of sunny spring days. Embrace the nostalgia and plant one in full or partial shade. Try cultivars ‘Elkington’s White’ or ‘Pulborough Scarlet’.

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Check this Container plants need a bit of TLC: lift up pots to evict any slugs or snails, and test the soil for dryness, as pots don’t always get the benefit of rainfall. Remove any weeds (hairy bittercress is the usual suspect) and mulch with fresh compost, and they’ll instantly look well tended.