Don’t lose your money in a bank ATM, debit card fraud! Save yourself from a secret Phishing attack

Don't lose your money in a bank ATM, debit card fraud! Save yourself from a secret Phishing attack

Phishing Attack: Card cloning (either debit or credit card) is one of the most infamous frauds, which is getting reported at pan India level. Major victims of such card skimming, cloning or online bank frauds are all those people who get hoodwinked, those who do not pay attention while making a financial transaction, senior citizens and women. If we go by the latest Reserve Bank of India (RBI) warning, such frauds are under-reported by banks themselves. In June 2019, the RBI revealed that 90.6 per cent of the bank frauds reported by the Indian banks had occurred in between 2000 to 2018. Fraudsters are using skimming device at the ATM, which is a bank property, but it’s the customer who has to suffer money loss after his or her debit card or credit card is cloned through such devices. Such Phishing attacks are happening at PoS (Point of Sale) machine also.

Cyber crime experts say that it is better to become aware rather than running from pillar to post after suffering a loss due to bank ATM, debit or credit card fraud.

Elaborating upon the Phishing attacks Pavan Duggal, a Delhi-based cyber law expert said, “Bank ATM or debit card skimming is one of the most common frauds that is being widely reported at pan India level. In this fraud, fraudsters put a skimming device at the card swipe space. When we insert our ATM debit card there, the skimming device camera fitted inside takes a photograph of our debit card. Once the photographs are taken, entire details of our ATM becomes available to the card phishing racket. The skimming device camera also captures out whole proceedings inside the ATM that contains insertion of PIN as well.”

Shockingly, once the debit card details and PIN is available to the fraudsters, our hard-earned money becomes available for a phishing attack.

On how to remain safe from such phishing attack by ATM, debit card fraudsters, Duggal said, “Awareness is the best solution to all such phishing attacks. If you are aware, then even a phishing camera can’t help these fraudsters to loot your money. for this, one needs to ensure the confidentiality of his or her ATM PIN. So, when you are inserting your PIN, use the next hand to cover the proceedings. This will ensure that your PIN is not exposed to the camera. Similarly, keep changing your PIN from time to time like your net banking password. It also makes phishing racket’s job difficult.”