Christmas 2018: 7 Traditional Christmas Foods And Drinks With Their Significance

Christmas 2018: 7 Traditional Christmas Foods And Drinks With Their SignificanceChristmas 2018 is just around the corner, but the preparations have already started. As the air turns chilly and festive tidings beckon us to huddle around our room heaters, we can’t help but dream about quaint fireplaces decorated with socks and wreaths hung on doors, as well as lit Christmas tree with a big pile of gifts under it. Christmas is the Christian festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus on December 25th. The festival is celebrated by Christ followers around the world. In India as well, Christmas is celebrated among the Christian communities with much fanfare. In the lead-up to the main day, there are carol singing competitions, Christmas markets and fairs, etc. A number of home bakers and bakeries start stocking up on goodies, including cookies, cakes and other desserts. Food is a big part of Christmas celebrations, which is a festival that celebrates joy and togetherness.

Different dishes are prepared during Christmas in different parts of the world. For example, panettone is sweet bread prepared in a number of European countries, including Argentina during Christmas. In India, a number of Christian households prepare plum cakes with rum-soaked raisins. Even homemade wine is prepared in anticipation for Christmas in India and served to guests on Christmas Eve. Another traditional Christmas sweet prepared by a number of Anglo-Indian households in India is kul kul, which is a deep fried snack made from semolina flour, milk, sugar and ghee. There are some traditional foods that have come to be associated with Christmas all over the world, thanks in part to pop-culture.