Choose the Correct Lottery Number: Read How


Playing the lottery is always associated with good fortune, as six numbers can change your life overnight. Lotteries have made so many people rich overnight – it is amazing that a ticket and six numbers can turn a person into a millionaire. You buy a ticket costing Rs 50- 1800, and if luck is on your side, you could have hundreds of crores in your bank balance the next day. There are many international online lotteries you can participate in, but with million players for each lotto, a bit of strategy and lots of luck are needed to win.

Listed below are the tricks on how to choose a correct lottery number that might make you a millionaire overnight.

Trick 1

Choosing Hot and Cold Numbers

Some numbers have a possibility of being repeated in the future lotteries as well. According to recent studies, it was discovered that there are numbers which at times form a pattern. Hot numbers are the ones who have the high chance of being repeated whereas the cold numbers do not. Join groups on social media who follow the numbers and share the numbers with a higher probability of winning.

Trick 2

Pick both even and the odd numbers

You won’t find much of the combinations when it comes to only choosing either odd or even numbers, but the chances increase when you pick both of them in a combination. The probability of both the numbers being announced is the same, and hence, you need to have both of them in your final choice.

Trick 3

Selection of numbers should be made all over the ticket

People often end up choosing one single row or lines of the ticket which is not a smart choice. You should always remember that you can only increase your chance of winning a lottery by maximum inclusion of various possibilities. Inclusion is the key to have a better probability ratio. So, always choose numbers all around the ticket in no fixed pattern so that you don’t limit your chances. Additionally, avoid consecutive numbers and make sure all numbers are not birthdates or anniversary dates.

Trick 4

Develop a habit of using creative strategies to pick a number

People often use their minds to create a unique pattern or ways through which to test their luck. The most famous ones are the wheeling strategy and a magic square. You can find many others like these on the internet. However, you must have apt knowledge of them before implementing or applying it to your lottery numbers.

Trick 5

Join a Lottery Syndicate

A syndicate or pool is a group of people who come together to play one lottery. The group can be family and friends or a professional group on sites like Lottoland. It is very simple – instead of buying one or two tickets, you pool your resources to buy multiple tickets. Thus, your chances of winning the jackpot are increased. If you win the lotto, the money is divided amongst all of you as per pre-decided percentage. Joining a professional pool is recommended, as experts strategise to ick the winning combinations.

In India, you can play online international lotteries.

If you are interested in playing international lotteries online, you can do so from the comfort of your home. The most reputed online platform is coming to India soon. You can play some of the biggest games in the world such as Powerball, US Millions, Mega Millions, World Millions and many more games. Follow the above tricks to win the lotto and live the rest of your life in luxury.